The Third Person – Who is the Holy Spirit?

June 4, 2017

So many people can easily say “the Father is my God” or “the Son is my God”, but the majority of the body of Christ today feels awkward when somebody says “the Holy Spirit is my God”. This comes from a lack of knowledge of the Trinity! This message is the first in a series titled ‘The Third Person” which will begin to teach you who the Holy Spirit is,¬†and what part He plays in your life!

About Pastor Jim Jarman

While on a ministry trip to Nigeria in 2002, the Lord spoke to Jim Jarman about pioneering a church in his hometown of Richlands, NC. A year later he and his family founded Agape Life Family Church. Starting out in his home, then to a store front, and now in its permanent building, he, his wife Joyce, and his team built the church from the ground up with the mission of "taking back the family".

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